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Helpers’ reflections

Some reflective questions

  1. All human beings have the right to impact and take responsibility for their own lives. Imagine if a user wanted to smoke a cigarette, take snus, drink one/five beers, smoke cannabis or drive a car too fast.
    • What would your limits be in offering help as an assistant?
    • Who could you discuss the matter with?
  2. An assistant creates a Facebook group for assistants to share experiences.
    • Would you, in your role as an assistant, join the group?
    • What type of ‘ground rules’ should the group have?
    • Would you tell the user, who employs you, that you have joined the group?
    • Would you discuss the matter with anyone before deciding to join the group? If so, who?
  3. You are going to employ a new assistant.
    • What would you expect the most from an assistant?
    • What questions would you ask?