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1. Living with the situation

When your breathing fails it is important to try and accept the situation.  During the online course, you will meet several users of assistive respiratory devices, who tell their stories about living with respiratory support. Jørgen says:

It’s just a matter of making the best of the situation and asking yourself whether you will actually become more handicapped by using a breathing machine.

You will be introduced to Jørgen, Vanja and Øyvind during the course, and their thoughts surrounding the development of the disease and their situation as users of respiratory support.

Learning outcomes

Through video interviews with various users, you will learn about differences, in that that no human being is the same, and that good communication between helpers and the person who needs help is vital in order to achieve a good result.

People of different ages, gender, life situation and personality have different interests and needs. You will also learn that assistive devices and assistants are there to help people overcome obstacles in their daily lives and thus best meet the expectations of the users.