Online course about long-term mechanical ventilation

  • Module 1: Living with

    In Module 1 you learn about how it is to live with respiratory support. You will be introduced to Jørgen, Vanja and Øyvind and their thoughts about the development of the disease and their situation as users of assistive respiratory devices.

  • Module 2: Breathing with

    Module 2 is, among other things, about how ventilation support can help the breath and how the machines that provide ventilation support work. You also get insight into different types of treatment and why being able to cough well is important.

  • Module 3: Cooperating with

    Many people who use respiratory support also need assistance in using the equipment and other devices. Module 3 is about how to ensure the best possible collaboration between user and assistant or helper.

Content writers

  • Norwegian National Advisory Unit on Longterm Mechanical Ventilation

  • Nevromuskulært kompetansesenter

  • Foreningen for Muskelsyke

  • Universitetssykehuset Nord-Norge